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Gold Series

Listed below is a basic price list of the boats currently offered. Since my college days, I have been collecting the boats for the Dinghy Company.  There are a total of 21 different models to view, including the Gold Series. Some I have personally found, while others were given to me by older customers that felt as I did that they were works of art, and wanted me to reproduce them as beautiful as they were in the old days.  Each boat is named after the area in which they were found or given to me.  In the late 1800s and early 1900s these boats were used in their respective areas as a primary source of transportation for both cargo and people, although some were used for recreation.  Back then, rowing five to ten miles in a day was necessary rather than fun, so to ease the burden, many of these boats were rigged with sails.

The sail design used at Dinghy Company is not my original design.  I believe it was invented around the time of the wheel, but nonetheless it is still simple, effective, and very safe.  All of my boats are Scandinavian and English by design, naturally incorporating tight laps and an efficient rowing machine.

This completes my collection of the past 33 years, reproduced in fiberglass, wood and various plastics to compliment reproduction of the originals from the 1880's to about 1930.

Thank you,

Earl M. Hanson, President

Note: History of each boat will be forthcoming.

Standard Features:
  •  Standard white gel coat on outer hull.
  •  Oar locks and bow ring installed.
  •  Positive floatation.
  •  Three seats with removable and adjustable center seat.
  •  All wood features on the boats are finished in natural oil.
  •  All sailboats complete with sail, ropes, and gear.
  •  All sails are white Dacron and sprit rigged with jib sheets complete.
  •  All manufactured items are made and warranted by the Dinghy Company Inc.
  •  The dinghies are reproduced from original boats from 1894 to 1924, built with 20th century technology in classic turn-of-the century style.
New Features:
  •  Request a touch of wood
    Standard Orca dinghies now have the option of wood gunnels, oak, or mahogany in conjunction with the standard black PVC.  Gunneling at no extra cost.
  •  At no extra charge to the customer, carbon fiber is now being used in all boats in conjunction with fiberglass construction to increase strength and cut the weight of the boats.
  •  All sailing boats now come with an optional complete jib system, sail, line, eyes and cleats.  Each boat features a double mast step to either sail with the main, or quickly convert to a main and a jib for more performance.
Add a Sail Later with a Sail Option Package!!
  •  Standard Sail Option on Rowing Boats - $250
    Dagger Board Insert
    Cover with Gasket
    Mast Step Retainer
  •  Sail Option with Jib Sheet Kit - add $100
  •  17' South Jersey Sail Option - add $390.00
    San Juan Swing Keel Well
    Mast Step
    Mast Step Retainer
Standard Orca Series - Light, Easy-to-Handle & Low Maintenance
Sailing Boats Complete with Sails & Gear
Click here for a printable price list.
Click on the name of the boat to see the available pictures
Name   Size Row Price Main Sail
Main Sail & Jib Sheet
Camden II 6-1/2' $850.00 $1375.00 $1575.00
Camden II   7-1/2' $895.00 $1395.00 $1595.00
Victoria I   8' $925.00 $1425.00 $1695.00
Astoria 8-1/2' $950.00 $1495.00 $1795.00
More Astoria 8'      
Seattle Tender 9' $995.00 $1795.00 $1995.00
Victoria II 9-1/2' $995.00 $1795.00 $1995.00
Discovery Bay I   10' $1195.00 $1795.00 $1995.00
Victoria Tender 10-1/2' $1595.00 $1895.00 $2295.00
Discovery Bay II   12' $1795.00 $2095.00 $2495.00
Bainbridge Island I 12-1/2' $1950.00 $2695.00 $2995.00
Bainbridge Island II   13-1/2' $2375.00 $2895.00 $3150.00
Clatskanie 14' $3495.00 $3995.00 $4250.00
South Jersey
Beach Skiff
  17' ** $4100.00 $5400.00 $5995.00


Prams and Specialty Boats
Click on the name of the boat to see the available pictures
Yakutat Pram   6-1/2' $625.00
Yakutat Pram    8' $695.00
Juneau Pram 10' $1195.00
Southeast Dory 13-1/2' $1995.00
Pram 8' $


The Orca Gold  Series boat models are the deluxe models of the Standard Orca Series.  The trim, seats, transom, and bow are composed of oak, cedar, mahogany, baronage, and black walnut.  Brass work and the interior hull colors mark the difference and are priced according to the owners wishes.  These are a truly deluxe version of water crafts from an early era that compliments an already beautiful and functionally classic hull design.  Please call me to discuss your order.

** South Jersey Sail features the San Juan 21' Swing Keel System.


Brass  Keel  Shoes  -  Installed
6-1/2' $120.00 10' $245.00
7-1/2' $175.00 12' $275.00
8' $150.00 13-1/2 $285.00
8-1/2' $185.00 14' $375.00
9' $225.00 17' $425.00
Boat Covers *
6-1/2' to 8' $275.00 12' $350.00
8-1/2' to 9' $295.00 13-1/2' $395.00
10' $325.00 14' $410.00
    17' $450.00
* All boat covers are made of Sunbrella - Ask about the optional Sunbrella waterproff at an additional charge.
Davit Pads
Davit Pads - Encapsulated in Hull $27.50 each
Three-Point Davit Pad Eyes (Cast Brass or Stainless Steel w/Pad Eyes)
Thru-bolted and Installed
Four-Point Davit Pad Eyes (Cast Brass or Stainless Steel w/Pad Eyes)
Thru-bolted and Installed
PVC - Installed $45.00
Brass - Installed $75.00
Anderson Bailer $165.00
Oars - One Pair with Brass Oar Locks and Rubber Oar Deals
5-1/2' $125.00
6' $135.00
6-1/2 $145.00
7' $165.00
8' $225.00
OTBD Brackets
Brass Deluxe Boats $150.00
PVC - Orcas $75.00

NOTE:  Prices subject to change without notice.

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